About The Role

The UK is a great innovative nation. We’ve not always been great at applying knowledge though. That’s where the NCC comes in. Change won’t happen if we do things the way we always have. We commercialise research, to develop the future today.

As our Market Development Lead, you’ll develop relationships with the largest organisations in the O&G and Renewable industries. Together we’ll help them to push technology hurdles, making better products quicker and at less cost. Here your technology and sector knowledge will be augmented by some of the best minds in industry, in a friendly and collaborative environment.

Your role is to influence industry, to inspire them to change. This isn’t traditional business development. We’re not selling a ‘product’, we sell knowledge. We don’t have competitors, we have collaborative partnerships. And we’re in the unique position of being able to revolutionise manufacturing for an entire industry.

As an organisation, we focused on becoming more commercial in our outlook. You’ll join an industry focussed leadership team, which are driven to build a new business unit. Through great relationship building and sales development, you’ll be integral to developing this. Whether it’s developing tenders, building a sales pipeline or engaging with our current customers you’ll be building our reputation and our bottom line.

Both Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy markets will grow significantly in the UK. Both are constrained by the materials and structures they currently use and have significant challenges to overcome. We aspire to push boundaries, to change mind-sets and the conversation. We aim to be on the advisory boards and technology councils and we want to take you with us.

The opportunity for composites to grow in these areas is enormous. So is the opportunity for you.

It’s time to leave your limitations behind you. If you're thinking about your career and the legacy you leave call Giles on 07805 750 106.